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Because Baby Junmyeon in a jumper is too kawaii to resist

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What r u doing honey??!!

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Me, I’m just a normal elf right now
I do works that are of no significance
Works that other elves don’t want to do
Like remove the deer’s poo
You just wait and see, I’m going to ride santa’s sled and fly across the sky everyone will be impressed
"Look over there! Look at Bernard, it’s a jealous life"
Everyone will say that they want to be like me.
Then, I will tell them this
It doesn’t matter as long as you have a dream, so have a dream.
Rudolf can dream too, a bird can have a dream too, anyone can have a dream!
Dream confidently
Don’t give up until you achieve your dream
If you dream and work hard, nothing is impossible
A mice can become a cat
Trust me
A snake can dream too, a swan can dream too, a little spider that was making a spiderweb can dream big
We can all dream
Let us all dream
Even if you have 2 legs or 4 or 10 or more, never give up
Never give up
Never give up until your dream comes true

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please do not take out the credit

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Why are you both like this

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